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Why First Choice?    


  • When selling livestock it's best to work with people who truly understand the business. Here at First Choice we're not your typical sales management team; our staff members are actively involved in many facets of the livestock industry with a variety of expertise. We know what it takes to produce champions on a national level, giving us the cutting edge to help you market your livestock!
  • The First Choice partnership does more than upload and manage your online auction. Our team members are actively buying and selling some of the top livestock across the country. First Choice team members can often be found at auctions, bidding on livestock, observing the market trends and networking with fellow producers.


  • Integrity matters, you deserve uncompromised ethical standards and that’s what we deliver. With First Choice, you will have the comfort of knowing our system is intentionally designed so neither bidder numbers nor bids can be accessed, reviewed or made public at any time.


  • New features unlike any other online auction company; the First Choice site offers a custom-designed, superior auction system with brand new features for online livestock sales that allow you to market your livestock to the fullest potential.
  • We have worked relentlessly to design top-to-bottom sale software with features that add value, convenience, peace of mind and efficiency to your online sales. Below we have listed some of the more unique features that we offer our buyers and sellers.
  • Sorting Pen - Go through each auction at your own convenience. While sorting through each sale you may select animals you're interested in by simply clicking the "Add to Sorting Pen" feature, located in the top left corner of the auction listing. This animal will now be added to your personalized Sorting Pen, allowing you to track bidding on those specific animals without needing to search through each individual auction again.

    *Great for those who have limited time to follow the auction. Use the Sorting Pen as a reminder to check when the next auction closes on lots you're interested in purchasing.
  • Priority Bidding - Our system allows you to set a preference on the order of animals you would like to bid on, the number of animals you would like to buy and the amount you would like to spend on each animal. Simply click the “Place Priority Bid” feature and list the lot numbers you would like to purchase in order of your preference. Then tell the system the amount you would like to spend on each of the animals and how many total animals you would like to buy. The system will now bid for you up to your limit on the number of animals you would like to buy. If your top preference goes above your price range, the system will then begin bidding on your next preference.

    *Can’t be around for the close of the auction but interested in multiple lots? This is the feature for you. Buy multiple animals in your price range, but only purchase a certain number of animals. A Max Bid simply does not work in this instance, but a Priority Bid does!
  • Randomized Bidder Numbers - We randomize your bidder number daily so you no longer have to worry about your auction company giving away your identity and your bids being ran up. Our system also doesn’t allow the sale manager to see your bids so you know that you are getting an honest deal every time.
  • Next Bid - Simply click the “Next Bid” feature, and after confirming that you want to place that bid, your bid will be placed automatically. No longer do you have to type in the prices, bidder numbers, and passwords just to submit a bid.
  • Automatic Refresh - Our system automatically refreshes and updates sale pages for you every 15 seconds. Now you won’t have to worry about constantly refreshing your page to see if you’ve been outbid.
  • Single-page videos, browsing and bidding - You can conveniently browse lots, watch videos and bid at the same time, all from the same page with our system.